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Name Category Round Location(s)
Education in Transition (@occupyschool) Graphic Novel 11 Argentina, Brazil, Colombia
Abortion Access in Crisis and Conflict Zones Written press 11 Bangladesh, Colombia, Nigeria
Bolly Lolly Dhally Web documentary 11 Bangladesh, India, Pakistan
Birthright Written press 11 Nigeria, Pakistan, Uganda
Shaping a new narrative Web documentary 11 Democratic Republic of the Congo
Not Yet Satisfied Multimedia 11 Ghana, South Africa
Angels Web documentary 11 Senegal
The Axis of Survival - Reviving the Lake Chad Basin Multimedia 10 Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria
Waste Not Multimedia 10 Haiti, Indonesia, South Africa
More than Chicken Sh*t Video 10 Malawi
Crying Hunger Written press 10 Cambodia, Laos, Philippines
Brides Of The Sun Written press 9 Malawi, Mozambique
Manning Up Written press 9 Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Lebanon
Well-connected Women Web documentary 9 Pakistan
The #130MillionGirls Challenge Written press 9 Cameroon, Mozambique, South Africa
Coding Like A Girl Web documentary 9 Germany, Peru, Tanzania
Rebelling And Rebuilding In Afghanistan Web documentary 9 Afghanistan
When Women Rule Written press 9 Bolivia, India, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria
Big Men Website 9 Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda
Crossing The River Web documentary 9 Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda
Task Shifting, An Innovative Approach To Save Lives Web documentary 8 Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda
Sewing Societies Web documentary 8 Bangladesh
Africa’s Great Lakes In The Balance Web documentary 8 Kenya, Tanzania
On the front line in the fight for women's rights Website 8 El Salvador, Mexico, Rwanda, Tanzania
Bananapocalypse Web documentary 8 Ecuador, Philippines
Shared Horizons Web documentary 8 Madagascar, Mongolia
Made in Afrika Written press 6 Ethiopia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Watergrabbing - A Story of Water Web documentary 7 Cambodia, Ethiopia, Israel, South Africa
Future Cities - the revival of the jazz heritage in Addis Ababa Written press 7 Ethiopia
Life in Gawair Web documentary 7 Bangladesh
I Don't! Web documentary 7 Brazil, Ethiopia, India
To be 70 in Addis and Dar-es-Salaam: ageing in Sub-Saharan Africa Web documentary 7 Ethiopia, Tanzania
A fistful of shrimps Web documentary 7 Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands
The Price of Basmati Web documentary 7 Finland, India, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden
Demal Te Niew (Go and come back) Web documentary 7 Italy, Senegal
After Ebola Web documentary 6 Sierra Leone
Agritools – Crowdsourcing Stories on ICT for Agriculture in Africa Website 6 Kenya, Senegal
Wells of Tears – The Bangladesh Arsenic Project Written press 6 Bangladesh
Refugee Economics Written press 6 Kenya, Uganda
Reserved! Investigative journalism 6 Chile, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mongolia
Poisoned Lives Television 6 Kenya
Can Quinoa Feed the World? Written press 5 Bolivia, Peru
Can Tourism ‘Save’ Haiti? Written press 5 Haiti
Mothers and Children First Website 5 Bolivia
Investment Arbitration and Development Data journalism 5 Belgium, Indonesia, Netherlands, Uganda
3D Wastepickers Photography 5 Haiti, India
Fighting Polio Web documentary 5 India, Iraq, Nigeria
A World Without Chocolate? Web documentary 5 Brazil, Ecuador, India
UNCUT Web documentary 5 Ethiopia, Kenya, Somaliland
FOOD4 Web documentary 5 Bolivia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Myanmar (Burma), Senegal
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