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Name Category Round
Education in Transition (@occupyschool) Graphic Novel 11
Abortion Access in Crisis and Conflict Zones Written press 11
Shaping a new narrative Web documentary 11
Birthright Written press 11
Bolly Lolly Dhally Web documentary 11
Not Yet Satisfied Multimedia 11
Angels Web documentary 11
The Axis of Survival - Reviving the Lake Chad Basin Multimedia 10
Waste Not Multimedia 10
More than Chicken Sh*t Video 10
Crying Hunger Written press 10
Brides Of The Sun Written press 9
The #130MillionGirls Challenge Written press 9
Manning Up Written press 9
Well-connected Women Web documentary 9
Coding Like A Girl Web documentary 9
Rebelling And Rebuilding In Afghanistan Web documentary 9
When Women Rule Written press 9
Big Men Website 9
Crossing The River Web documentary 9
Task Shifting, An Innovative Approach To Save Lives Web documentary 8
Sewing Societies Web documentary 8
Africa’s Great Lakes In The Balance Web documentary 8
On the front line in the fight for women's rights Website 8
Bananapocalypse Web documentary 8
Shared Horizons Web documentary 8
Made in Afrika Written press 6
The Price of Basmati Web documentary 7
Life in Gawair Web documentary 7
Watergrabbing - A Story of Water Web documentary 7
I Don't! Web documentary 7
Future Cities - the revival of the jazz heritage in Addis Ababa Written press 7
To be 70 in Addis and Dar-es-Salaam: ageing in Sub-Saharan Africa Web documentary 7
A fistful of shrimps Web documentary 7
Demal Te Niew (Go and come back) Web documentary 7
Poisoned Lives Television 6
Reserved! Investigative journalism 6
After Ebola Web documentary 6
Refugee Economics Written press 6
Wells of Tears – The Bangladesh Arsenic Project Written press 6
Agritools – Crowdsourcing Stories on ICT for Agriculture in Africa Website 6
Can Quinoa Feed the World? Written press 5
Can Tourism ‘Save’ Haiti? Written press 5
Mothers and Children First Website 5
Investment Arbitration and Development Data journalism 5
3D Wastepickers Photography 5
Fighting Polio Web documentary 5
A World Without Chocolate? Web documentary 5
UNCUT Web documentary 5
FOOD4 Web documentary 5
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