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Name Category Round
For the love of land Web documentary 11
Bolly Lolly Dhally Web documentary 11
Angels Web documentary 11
Brides Of The Sun Written press 9
A Girls' Game Web documentary 9
Big Men Website 9
Medicamentalia III - Contraceptives Data journalism 9
On the front line in the fight for women's rights Website 8
The World’s Penicillin Problem Investigative journalism 8
Made in Afrika Written press 6
Life in Gawair Web documentary 7
Watergrabbing - A Story of Water Web documentary 7
Beyond the Paradise Website 6
Agritools – Crowdsourcing Stories on ICT for Agriculture in Africa Website 6
The African Energy Project Website 6
Mothers and Children First Website 5
Investment Arbitration and Development Data journalism 5
Agritools – Green ICTs in African Lands Web documentary 3
Building Urban Resilience Website 4
Medicamentalia Data journalism 4
Small is Powerful Web documentary 4
The Formidable Queen Mothers of Ghana Website 4
Toilet for All Investigative journalism 4
Fighting Maternal Deaths with Faith Video 3
Follow the Money 2 Data journalism 3
The Water Fund: Spain Supplies Latin America Data journalism 3
China’s Train to African Development Website 3
Connecting Africa Website 3
Rebuilding Haiti Website 2
European Cash Flows in Kenya Investigative journalism
Breaking the Digital Wall Website
Ecocide Investigative journalism
The Future of the World Food Markets Investigative journalism
Detective.io Investigative journalism
Beyond WHO’s List of Neglected Tropical Diseases Investigative journalism 2
X-ray of Spanish Development Aid Data journalism
Fueling the War Data journalism 2
Kivu: Microcredits Adrift Data journalism 2
HIV/AIDS – The Beginning of the End Written press
Visualising Development Data Data journalism
Myths & Misunderstandings about the Millennium Development Goals Data journalism 2
Somalia: Pirates Return to Fish Written press
Juba in the Making Web documentary
Protracted Refugee Situation at the Horn of Africa Photography
The People Behind the Seawall Web documentary 3
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