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Name Category Round Location(s)
Bananapocalypse Web documentary 8 Ecuador, Philippines
With bare hands Data journalism 7 Bangladesh, India
Hunger for bees Web documentary 7 India, Italy
The Enslaved Land Data journalism 7 Colombia, Côte d'Ivoire, Guatemala, Honduras
A fistful of shrimps Web documentary 7 Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands
Mosquitoes vs. Mankind Investigative journalism 7 , France, Germany, Indonesia, Tanzania, United States
Lungs of the Earth Data journalism 6 Indonesia
Beyond the Paradise Website 6 Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Thailand
Reserved! Investigative journalism 6 Chile, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mongolia
SEEDcontrol Data journalism 6 France, Italy, South Africa, Spain
Ug99 – Rust Never Sleeps Video 5 Ethiopia, Germany, Kenya
Can Tourism ‘Save’ Haiti? Written press 5 Haiti
A World Without Chocolate? Web documentary 5 Brazil, Ecuador, India
On the Charcoal Trail Investigative journalism 4 Uganda
Ecocide Investigative journalism China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, India, Madagascar, Vietnam
Dirty Profits Exposed Investigative journalism 2 Belgium, Cameroon, Sierra Leone
Investigation of Land Grabbing in Africa Data journalism Mozambique
Myths & Misunderstandings about the Millennium Development Goals Data journalism 2 Bangladesh, Benin, Brazil, China, Egypt, Russia, The Netherlands
The People Behind the Seawall Web documentary 3 Republic of Indonesia
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