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Name Category Round
The Axis of Survival - Reviving the Lake Chad Basin Multimedia 10
The Missing Fish Investigative journalism 10
Waste Not Multimedia 10
Floating Futures Video 10
More than Chicken Sh*t Video 10
Crying Hunger Written press 10
Missing Food Data journalism 8
Bananapocalypse Web documentary 8
The Price of Basmati Web documentary 7
The Enslaved Land Data journalism 7
Hunger for bees Web documentary 7
When aid comes from the South Web documentary 7
A fistful of shrimps Web documentary 7
Agritools – Crowdsourcing Stories on ICT for Agriculture in Africa Website 6
SEEDcontrol Data journalism 6
Ug99 – Rust Never Sleeps Video 5
Can Quinoa Feed the World? Written press 5
A World Without Chocolate? Web documentary 5
FOOD4 Web documentary 5
Well Fed Video 4
Toilet for All Investigative journalism 4
Fish for Cheap Web documentary 4
Why Is Fertiliser So Scarce In Africa? Written press 3
Follow the Money 2 Data journalism 3
Mafia in Africa: How the Mafia Infiltrates the African Economy Investigative journalism 3
Boom and Bust on an Emerging Continent Data journalism 3
Rebuilding Haiti Website 2
Enough! Women Fighting Violence Against Women Together in Unique Ways Investigative journalism 2
SEEDversity - Feeding the Planet, Cultivating Diversity Web documentary 2
The Future of the World Food Markets Investigative journalism
Going Dutch Video
Myths & Misunderstandings about the Millennium Development Goals Data journalism 2
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