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Name Category Round Location(s)
For the love of land Web documentary 11 Tanzania
More than Chicken Sh*t Video 10 Malawi
Missing Food Data journalism 8 Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria
Bananapocalypse Web documentary 8 Ecuador, Philippines
Drones in Africa - The Next Big Thing? Video 8 Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania
Shared Horizons Web documentary 8 Madagascar, Mongolia
Hunger for bees Web documentary 7 India, Italy
The Price of Basmati Web documentary 7 Finland, India, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden
Agritools – Crowdsourcing Stories on ICT for Agriculture in Africa Website 6 Kenya, Senegal
Can Quinoa Feed the World? Written press 5 Bolivia, Peru
A World Without Chocolate? Web documentary 5 Brazil, Ecuador, India
Well Fed Video 4 Bangladesh, Netherlands
SEEDversity - Feeding the Planet, Cultivating Diversity Web documentary 2 Ethiopia, France, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Senegal
European Cash Flows in Kenya Investigative journalism Kenya
The Future of the World Food Markets Investigative journalism Belgium, Burkina Faso, Switzerland, United States
Dirty Profits Exposed Investigative journalism 2 Belgium, Cameroon, Sierra Leone
Myths & Misunderstandings about the Millennium Development Goals Data journalism 2 Bangladesh, Benin, Brazil, China, Egypt, Russia, The Netherlands
Somalia: Pirates Return to Fish Written press Kenya, Somalia
Juba in the Making Web documentary South Sudan
The People Behind the Seawall Web documentary 3 Republic of Indonesia
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