• X-ray of Spanish Development Aid

    A data-driven project investigating drastic reductions in aid spending of the Spanish government

Spain has moved from being the sixth global donor of development aid in 2009 to being the fourteenth in just four years. Its government has cut down more than other countries in crisis like Greece, Ireland or Portugal. This data-driven project investigates these drastic reductions by analysing the more than 22.3 million euros that thousands of projects received from 2007 to 2012.

A team of eight reporters follows the money to five countries in four continents to reveal the consequences these developing countries are suffering: Guatemala, Bolivia, Morocco, Vietnam and DR Congo. With more than 130 interviews with politicians, experts, economists and NGOs, this is a story of how Spain's development policy is being "dismantled" and is now controlled by the Spanish Tax Ministry. An interactive application also makes the raw data available in a visual way so readers can learn about where and how every cent was spent in these six years.

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Project information

  • Locations
    Guatemala, Morocco, Bolivia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Vietnam
  • Duration
    6 months
  • Release date
    December 2013
  • Budget
    € 19500
  • Round