The story follows two guys who set on a quest to tell a story about GMOs that seldom reaches the general public: genetic modification can provide both harvest security and crops with nutritious value.

  • €20,000 Budget in Euros
  • 2015 Final release date
  • 4 Round winner
  • 2 Locations
  • 7 Durations in months

Two thirty-something city boys from Amsterdam get into an argument about GMOs. Karsten is a relative noob when it comes to GMOs, but he reads that they are bad for your health and that they are used by big agrochemical companies to monopolise the food chain. Hidde, a scientist and science journalist, tries to explain that the basic assumption of Karsten is incorrect and that genetic modification can be used both in a sustainable way and to alleviate hunger and poverty.

The argument remains unresolved, so they decide to go on a quest around the world and find out for themselves. They travel to Bangladesh where genetically modified crops are used and developed outside the realm of monocultures and big farms, to investigate what's what. Hidde interviews experts and scientists along the way and both of them encounter people on the fields who share their experiences with the crops

The story follows two guys who, with humour, set on a quest to tell a story about GMOs that seldom reaches the general public: that genetic modification has successfully been used to develop crops that either add nutritional value or give more harvest security for people that need them the most. This way of storytelling makes a difficult topic identifiable, both for people who know something about GMOs and for those who have never heard about genetic modification.

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