Slum No More


Slum No More describes the clash between local authorities wishing to upgrade an overcrowded slum into a modern neighborhood and the slum dwellers' hope for affordable housing

  • €17,274 Budget in Euros
  • 2016 Final release date
  • 6 Round winner
  • 1 Location
  • 6 Durations in months

Slum No More

How to improve a slum without evicting its residents

The interactive project Slum No More visits the Indian megacity of Mumbai where millions are living in the city’s over 3.000 informal settlements or slums. Being India’s most populous and richest city, Mumbai experiences a fierce competition over land. Here, investors are eager to upgrade overcrowded slums into urban areas for moneyed classes, while local authorities sometimes deploy an ‘evict to protect’ strategy, forcibly removing people from slums, to pave the way for urban redevelopment. The project documents the slum of Dharavi in Mumbai and how communities deal with the local government's ongoing plans to upgrade the slums into modern neighborhoods. An ambition that puts a pressure on a large part of the Dharavi community and leading to a fear that the slum upgrading eventually will tear the social fabric to pieces and put the residents on the street.

The main question being: can you upgrade a slum in a way that benefits the local residents instead of evicting them?

Slum No More will be a feature project with illustrations, photos, short videos and written features.

Photo credit: Bernat Parera

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