Shared Horizons


Shared horizons shows the similar ability of the Mongolian cattle herders communities and the fishermen local groups in Madagascar to adapt to environmental and socio-economic changes.

  • €19,850 Budget in Euros
  • 2017 Final release date
  • 8 Round winner
  • 2 Locations
  • 4 Durations in months

We break the mainstream media narrative presenting local communities, whose livelihood are connected to natural resources, as hopeless facing social and environmental changes. Such view leads to relieve responsibility from society. We unveil stories of resilient communities that co-manage their resources adapting, or trying to adapt, to changes.

Peoples from strikingly different regions are experiencing unprecedented changes, sharing similar challenges, testing similar strategies of adaptation. In fact, fishermen in Madagascar and herders in Mongolia share similar goals, hopes, challenges, in short: the do share the same horizon.

We suggest a ideal link between two stories, models of a drive towards a sustainable use of increasingly limited resources. Still, large numbers of herders and fishers opt for migration and their resilience may be reaching its limit. Whilst the long term effectiveness of this strategy remains to be determined, we believe that these stories can be examples to many other communities and may urge policy makers to support locally-based management as a possible strategy of adaptation. We seek to show how herders and fishers mutual hopes, how such hopes rest on a shared horizon.

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