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    Empowering stories of communities overcoming barriers to SRH

Unequal access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) for women is one of the major signs of gender inequality around the world according to the Cairo and Beijing declarations as well as the newly appointed SDG. Yet, even in discrimination conditions, women leaders and women's organisations have lead change to reduce this gap. Journalist, academic and awareness raising approaches to the topic tend to depict a very disempowering landscape, depicting women as passive actors that only suffer SRH discrimination and often do not visibilise stories of change.

This project offers a different and optimistic perspective, demonstrating that women do organise themselves and generate effective solutions. The story will be a series of three reports focusing on SRH by describing empowering stories of communities overcoming barriers to SRH. These stories should become inspirational "good practices" that spur change.

The project focuses on Lombok (Indonesia), Cochabamba (Bolivia) and Bukavu/Beni (DRC).

Photo by Geraint Rowland via Flickr Creative Commons

Project information

  • Locations
    Punata - Bolivia, Bukavu - Democratic Republic of the Congo, Beni - Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mataram - Indonesia
  • Duration
    4 months
  • Release date
    April 2017
  • Budget
    € 20040
  • Round