Protracted Refugee Situation at the Horn of Africa


Through interactive 360-degree images with additional in-depth information, this story allows people to navigate through a refugee camp in Ethiopia, in this way giving them an insight into the striking protracted refugee situation.

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In the Dolo Ado region of Ethiopia are five refugee camps with approximately 40,000 refugees each. All of them fled from their homes in Somalia due to civil war and violence in Ethiopia. As of December 2012, there were a total of 1,025,848 registered Somali refugees in adjacent African countries, 219,855 in Ethiopia.

While UNHCR and specialised NGOs are very well organised to help people in emergency situations, it becomes quite obvious that protracted refugee situations like in Ethiopia – many people are living in such camps for several years without an option to ever get back to their homes or anywhere else – raise certain demands that need to be addressed. In our part of the world, we hear and read about refugees in all parts of the world every now and then, due to different reasons: from natural disasters to genocide and wars.

Yet, hardly anybody imagines what this means to the people of concern. This project creates an application that catches peoples attention with compelling images. New technology takes them to places they will hardly ever see in real life. Using interactive 360 degree images that hold hotspots with additional in-depth information at different levels, people can explore those locations at their individual pace without having to leave their comfortable environment. They can pause and dwell at any time, look around or click hotspots to get more detailed information, or they can just move on to the next place they are interested in.

In modern life even remote occurrences come to our attention. But as they're not connected to any personal experience, they will leave us more or less untouched. As more and more parts of the world get connected, these occurrences become an inevitable part of our every-day-life. Thus it is desirable to develop tools that will help us to become conscious and get a deeper understanding even of those remote aspects.

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