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Name Category Round Location(s)
To be 70 in Addis and Dar-es-Salaam: ageing in Sub-Saharan Africa Web documentary 7 Ethiopia, Tanzania
Mosquitoes vs. Mankind Investigative journalism 7 , France, Germany, Indonesia, Tanzania, United States
When aid comes from the South Web documentary 7 El Salvador, India, Indonesia, Senegal
The Price of Basmati Web documentary 7 Finland, India, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden
Future Cities - the revival of the jazz heritage in Addis Ababa Written press 7 Ethiopia
A fistful of shrimps Web documentary 7 Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands
I Don't! Web documentary 7 Brazil, Ethiopia, India
Hunger for bees Web documentary 7 India, Italy
Life in Gawair Web documentary 7 Bangladesh
Housing Stories Data journalism 7 Brazil, France, Vietnam
Demal Te Niew (Go and come back) Web documentary 7 Italy, Senegal
Reserved! Investigative journalism 6 Chile, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mongolia
Wells of Tears – The Bangladesh Arsenic Project Written press 6 Bangladesh
Lungs of the Earth Data journalism 6 Indonesia
Beyond the Paradise Website 6 Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Thailand
Journeying the Nile Web documentary 6 Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan
Poisoned Lives Television 6 Kenya
Refugee Economics Written press 6 Kenya, Uganda
Agritools – Crowdsourcing Stories on ICT for Agriculture in Africa Website 6 Kenya, Senegal
The African Energy Project Website 6 Ghana
Rapid Diagnostic Tests: Measuring a Breakthrough Data journalism 6 Brazil, Sierra Leone, Switzerland, Venezuela
Medicamentalia II - Vaccines Data journalism 6 El Salvador, Guatemala, South A
After Ebola Web documentary 6 Sierra Leone
Slum No More Data journalism 6 India
SEEDcontrol Data journalism 6 France, Italy, South Africa, Spain
Ug99 – Rust Never Sleeps Video 5 Ethiopia, Germany, Kenya
Can Quinoa Feed the World? Written press 5 Bolivia, Peru
Sex Symbols Web documentary 5 Bolivia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia
Invisible Killer Web documentary 5 South Africa
Tales of the Missing Millions Television 5 Armenia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, United Kingdom, United States
Can Tourism ‘Save’ Haiti? Written press 5 Haiti
Mothers and Children First Website 5 Bolivia
Investment Arbitration and Development Data journalism 5 Belgium, Indonesia, Netherlands, Uganda
3D Wastepickers Photography 5 Haiti, India
Fighting Polio Web documentary 5 India, Iraq, Nigeria
A World Without Chocolate? Web documentary 5 Brazil, Ecuador, India
UNCUT Web documentary 5 Ethiopia, Kenya, Somaliland
Africa Goes Green Web documentary 5 Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Mauritius, Uganda
FOOD4 Web documentary 5 Bolivia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Myanmar (Burma), Senegal
Agritools – Green ICTs in African Lands Web documentary 3 Ghana, Italy, Kenya, Kenya , Netherlands , Senegal, Uganda, Uganda
Ndirande Slum – Engines Behind the Development Goals Web documentary 4 , Malawi
Breaking Menstrual Taboos Video 4 India, Kenya, Nepal
Building Urban Resilience Website 4 Denmark, Nigeria, Tanzania
On the Charcoal Trail Investigative journalism 4 Uganda
Graphic Memories Photography 4 Uganda
Medicamentalia Data journalism 4 Brazil, Ghana, Spain
Well Fed Video 4 Bangladesh, Netherlands
Small is Powerful Web documentary 4 Benin, Madagascar, Mauritania, Nigeria, Senegal
The Formidable Queen Mothers of Ghana Website 4 Ghana
Toilet for All Investigative journalism 4 Democratic Republic of the Congo, India
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