Ndirande Slum – Engines Behind the Development Goals


Slums, as many Westerners think, are a huge obstacle to development. This project challenges this idea, showing that slums can be an engine for poverty eradication.

  • €19,274 Budget in Euros
  • 2015 Final release date
  • 4 Round winner
  • 2 Locations
  • 6 Durations in months

For Westerners, slums radiate poverty, epidemics and insecurity. As long as the slums continue to grow, the mischief will continue to grow. Slums, as many Westerners think, are a huge obstacle to development, but this project challenges this idea. By visiting and living in slums for years, the project crew learned that their opportunities are huge, even though the problems residents struggle with are pathetic.

One of the largest shanty towns of Southern Africa is Ndirande Slum in Malawi, with about 250.000 inhabitants. People leave their villages for Ndirande because of the opportunities to move away from the hunger and extreme poverty in the countryside. In Ndirande, they find kindergartens and schools. Women can escape from the traditional power of men. There are birth clinics and treatment centres for HIV/AIDS and malaria. Moreover: the environment is benefitting too. People, living together on a very small territory, allow more space for agriculture and wilderness outside the city. In short, in Ndirande people work hard to achieve many 'Development Goals' and we should rather be concerned about cities without slums.

This project portrays a dozen inhabitants as well as their initiatives and businesses in thirteen written articles and a powerful web documentary called Ndirande Slum, Driving Force Behind the Development Goals. These articles are published in quality papers and magazines in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria. Together, they reach an audience of several million people.
The articles refer to the web documentary that can be visited through the online editions of these newspapers. The web documentary allows the visitors to explore Ndirande, by introducing inhabitants of this slum who talk about their lives, while they are busy nursing and meeting, hammering and forging, studying and accounting.

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