• Mosquitoes vs. Mankind

    Investigating new methods of mosquito control

The emergence of Zika in South America has evoked considerable attention from a worldwide audience and will probably continue to do so due to the Olympics in Brazil and the expected emergence of more Zika cases in the Northern Hemisphere in summer. This is a great oppertunity to raise more awareness for the plethora of mosquito-borne diseases and the need for better strategies to control Aedes and Anopheles mosquitoes, not only because of the huge burden they impose mainly on developing countries.

While successfully reduced in some regions, the insects also come back in others and rapidly enlarge their habitat due to climate change. On a global scale, we might arrive at a tipping point where new threats outbalance past successes. This project investigates new methods that are being developed to fight mosquitoes and explores the ecological consequences and health risks associated with them.

Photo: Eliza Powell

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  • Locations
    Ifakara - Tanzania, Yogyakarta - Indonesia, Irvine - United States, Arles - France, Germany,
  • Duration
    4 months
  • Release date
    November 2016
  • Budget
    € 19545
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