Lungs of the Earth


Lungs of the Earth is a data-driven, immersive and constructive story on forests, deforestation and reforestation around the world.

  • €19,820 Budget in Euros
  • 2016 Start date
  • 6 Round winner
  • 1 Location
  • 6 Durations in months

Lungs of the Earth is a data-driven, immersive, constructive, multilingual storytelling project on forests, deforestation and reforestation in the world. It combines traditional on-the-ground reporting with data and interactive journalism, emphasising the role of innovative initiatives to protect biodiversity and forests. The team carried out a data-driven, global view of state of the forests in the world to illustrate their evolution over time and space. Such approach enable users to understand the state of the forests from a planetary perspective, while having a close view through our on-the-ground multimedia reporting. The first publication of Lungs of the Earth focuses on Borneo, but the team aims to cover all rainforests of the world.

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