Showcased projects

We support the development of +100 projects, with more grants being awarded in 2017-2018?

  • Brides Of The Sun (2017)

    This project investigates how global warming has sent rates of child marriage soaring in some of the world’s poorest countries. The results are presented in an innovative format, including 360 video, drone work, data journalism and map

  • Dangerous Abortions (2017)

    Why do a large number of women in Nepal and Cambodia undergo banned procedures to end their pregnancies, when abortion is legal in both countries?

  • Coding Like A Girl (2017)

    The developing world is hastily closing the gender gap in the IT workforce. How are they doing it?

  • HERwanda — Conquering Gender Equality In Rwanda (2017)

    ​Since the end of the genocide, Rwanda has become Africa's gender equality success story for high female representation in politics, education and the workplace. What does empowerment mean to the younger generations of women?

  • Trokosi: Wives Of The Gods (2017)

    Wives of the gods is a project about one woman's journey to investigate trokosi, a traditional practice in Togo and Ghana that forces women and girls into ritual servitude.

  • The #130MillionGirls Challenge (2017)

    This project aims to portray this problem and solutions from different parts of the world, through in-depth journalism, an interactive online platform and a social media campaign.​

  • Well-connected Women (2017)

    Through in‐depth, locally collaborative research, this projects tells the human stories behind a burgeoning online movement of Pakistani women rallying against patriarchy.

  • Manning Up (2017)

    This project explores how men are actively engaging alongside women in the fight for women's rights worldwide, from challenging sexual and domestic violence in South America and Lebanon, to family planning and FGM in Kenya.

  • Rebelling And Rebuilding In Afghanistan (2017)

    ​This project intimately tells the stories of the women - especially mothers - struggling for their rights and a better future in a violent but changing Afghanistan, portraying them as active agents, not victims.​

  • A Girls' Game (2017)

    “It's a boys' game.” But what happens when a girl feels passionate about football? Three unique stories illustrate the challenges women footballers face.

  • When Women Rule (2017)

    The multimedia package explores the challenges women politicians across the developing world are taking on, the obstacles they face, and the difference they make in an effort to answer the question: what happens when women rule?

  • Where Women Make The Laws (2017)

    Bolivia is one of the most equalitarian parliaments in the entire world, with more women than men, but does this equality change everyday women's life?

  • Big Men (2017)

    Big Men tells ​the stories of East Africa's unlikely feminists: men in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya who are redefining masculinity and/or fighting for female empowerment.

  • Medicamentalia III - Contraceptives (2017)

    In-depth investigation to show the differences in access to contraception between countries and how this gap affects women in their everyday lives.