Showcased projects

We support the development of +100 projects, with more grants being awarded in 2017-2018?

  • Task Shifting, An Innovative Approach To Save Lives (2017)

    This project highlights various initiatives to tackle gender inequality, improve women’s health and reduce maternal mortality in three African countries.

  • Sewing Societies (2017)

    Through the stories of female garment industry workers in Bangladesh, this project looks into the fundamental role these women play in the economic and social stability of the country.

  • Missing Food (2017)

    A data-driven and cross-border investigation about the food loss in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Schools For Profit (2017)

    Schools for profit investigates on the business of “low-fee” schools in Africa and its impacts on the right to education.

  • Africa’s Great Lakes In The Balance (2017)

    Examining problems and solutions of regional management of Africa’s Great Lakes basin.

  • On the front line in the fight for women's rights (2017)

    This project explores how women in remote corners of the world are pushing forward a global call for gender equality.

  • Bananapocalypse (2017)

    This project investigates the disease management in the banana production and the impact of these diseases on consumers and on farmers in Ecuador and Philippines.

  • East African Trucker (2017)

    This project sheds light on the struggle for and the promise of East African prosperity seen through the eyes of a trucker.

  • The World’s Penicillin Problem (2017)

    This project will investigate a long worldwide shortage of penicillin, specifically the injectable form of the antibiotic Benzathine Penicillin G, looking at the causes & consequences for those who need this life-saving medication.

  • Drones in Africa - The Next Big Thing? (2017)

    This documentary investigates if large-scale use of drones could save lives and the environment in Africa.

  • Shared Horizons (2017)

    Shared horizons shows the similar ability of the Mongolian cattle herders communities and the fishermen local groups in Madagascar to adapt to environmental and socio-economic changes.

  • Diverted Aid (2017)

    This multimedia web documentary reports on how a part of European development funds is being spent for programmes aimed at managing migration flows in Africa.

  • Art Beyond Borders (2017)

    "Art Beyond Borders" is a participatory graphic novel, and 360 video, reporting the challenges faced by children in the under-developed Central African Republic.

  • With bare hands (2017)

    “With bare hands” is a multimedia and data-driven reporting project that highlights and investigates the impact on the environment and the human costs of shipbreaking in developing countries.

  • Watergrabbing - A Story of Water (2016)

    Watergrabbing explores the lack of water sovereignty and the limitation of access to water. It shows the consequences of these issues and the positive and negative practices.

  • Mosquitoes vs. Mankind (2017)

    This project investigates new methods that are being developed to fight mosquitoes and explores the ecological consequences and health risks associated with them.

  • The Price of Basmati (2016)

    Consumers who want to know about the origin of their basmati rice, can read about the lush, green foothills of the Himalayas depicted on product packaging. But the reality appears far less appealing.

  • A fistful of shrimps (2016)

    We explore the consequences of the raise of seafood production on mangrove ecosystems and the preservation solutions proposed by local coastal communities in Indonesia.

  • Hunger for bees (2017)

    Hunger for bees is a multimedia comic project about the decrease of the bee population and the possible repercussions on the global food system.

  • Housing Stories (2017)

    The project “Housing Stories” makes inequalities real and visible by telling the fight of families on three continents to live in a decent and affordable flat.

  • The Plantation That Consumes Europe (2017)

    “The Plantation That Consumes Europe” is a data driven and cross-border investigation that explores the hidden sides of the Latin American and African plantations' agricultural model that feeds western countries.

  • To be 70 in Addis and Dar-es-Salaam: ageing in Sub-Saharan Africa (2016)

    This multimedia project presents stories on the fight against poverty and social exclusion among elderly people in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

  • When aid comes from the South (2017)

    “When aid comes from the South” explores the South-South cooperation, its way of functioning, its concrete realizations and its potential to reshape the global partnership on development.

  • Future Cities - the revival of the jazz heritage in Addis Ababa (2017)

    Future Cities is a transmedia project about five exciting emerging urban areas, the people and stories behind the demographic and economic statistics of urban growth.

  • I Don't! (2016)

    I Don't is a transnational multimedia survey on Child Marriage, based on data and solid human narrative using strong women’s voices to show the different faces of this practice.

  • Life in Gawair (2017)

    The project explores the life in Gawair slum, using a combination of virtual reality and graphic journalism to share the perspectives of its inhabitants.

  • Demal Te Niew (Go and come back) (2017)

    Demal Te Niew is an interactive web-documentary on return migration between Italy and Senegal that aims to present an alternative perspective on migration through data-journalism and a multi-media storytelling strategy.