• Housing Stories

    In every metropolis, inequalities are on the rise. Finding a decent place to live is becoming a luxury.

Housing Stories tells the fight of middle-class families to live in decent and affordable flats. In every large city on the planet, gentrification, lack of flats or unenforced rules make finding accommodation a hard part of anyone's life. Most of us tend to see our cities as unique situations, even though the trend is similar everywhere, from Ho Chi Minh to São Paulo to Paris.

The project is built on top of Rentswatch, a database of rent prices across the world. The data let us analyze the situation in all cities in great details. We are monitoring rent prices in Brazil, Viet Nam and in the whole of Europe and can identify trends in a city or a neighborhood.

Housing Stories is published as a suite of multimedia components - photos, videos, maps, charts - that, together, tell the story of urban inequalities. Media partners are free to publish the components as bits or as a whole and to interweave them with content of their own, relating to their home city.

Cover photo Joan Bardeletti.


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Project information

  • Locations
    São Paulo - Brazil, Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam, Paris - France
  • Duration
    4 months
  • Release date
    October 2016
  • Budget
    € 19900
  • Round