• Going Dutch

    Investigating the effectiveness of Dutch development initiatives

How effective are Dutch development initiatives abroad? Going Dutch looks into this issue by visiting several countries, the result being a series of online video reports published via social media. Working together with several different Dutch NGOs on eight different projects, the team matches each project to one of the eight Millennium Development Goals.

The main storyline is conveyed through creating short video reports. Additionally, photography and personal experiences are used to bond with online followers.

The first lifespan of the project was done through online reporting via social media. Followers discussed online what they think about certain initiatives and how they would approach problems. The project team actively engaged in finding people interested in the project and answering their questions directly in the video reports. All reports and updates were posted and shared through the Facebook page. The participating NGOs contributed to getting the message across throughout their own community.

The second lifespan focused on television. The eight reports gained sufficient footage to create a longer, 30 minute report for television. It included interviews with experts and the submitted video messages widen the perspective and show to a broader audience the Dutch point of view on development initiatives.

Prior to initiating the reports, the team informed a wide variety of relevant (Dutch) news media who also have spread the message of the project.

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Project information

  • Locations
    Armenia, Benin, Bolivia, Kenya, Mali, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Tanzania
  • Duration
    6 months
  • Release date
    December 2013
  • Budget
    € 21700
  • Round