• Fighting Child Mortality in India – and Winning

    Two doctors reduced infant mortality in a town in india – how did they do it?

Doctors Rani and Abhay Bang reduced infant mortality by 75 percent in Gadchiroli, in rural India, in only 15 years. How did they do it? What is the project's social and economic impact beyond this reduction? And can a project like this be exported? Do the Bangs hold the key to eradicating child mortality?

The reporting team spent four weeks on the ground in India following the Bangs and their team in Gadchiroli. Here the Bangs set up a health and research centre to train local women to provide pre and post-natal health care to other women in their villages. The team also shifted to New Delhi to interview health officials from the government and NGOs.

One story resulting from the investigation follows one of the trainees, another follows a pregnant woman during the last weeks of her pregnancy and the first weeks of her baby's life. The story of a woman who is not being attended by one of the Bangs' trained 'nurses' is shared, too, while the Bangs themselves are interviewed to learn about their methods and philosophy.

Another story reports on the social and economic impact of the health and research centre for the villages in Gadchiroli – is it being disruptive? Another reports on the social and economic impact of training local women, as then their socio-economic status grows quickly and substantially. The last story asks if this programme can be exported beyond this environment in rural India.

The stories are told through a mix of traditional long form written journalism with audio, pictures, and video, complemented by new media features, such as interactive maps and animated videos.

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Project information

  • Locations
    Gadchiroli - India, New Delhi - India
  • Duration
    8 months
  • Release date
    July 2014
  • Budget
    € 17461
  • Round