Education in Transition (@occupyschool)


This project aims to show how trans women educators want to not only make school and society a more inclusive place but help to reshape the education system and give trans individuals qualifications to enter in the job market

  • €19,937 Budget in Euros
  • 2018 Final release date
  • 11 Round winner
  • 10 Locations
  • 4 Durations in months

Throughout the world, transgender women go through social exclusion which results into exposure to violence, vulnerability, and low life expectancy. Because of prejudice and misconceptions, they’re subject to various kinds of discrimination at school and at work. For not withstanding violence at home and at school, a significant proportion of them escape school and yield to prostitution, to the point of being stigmatized and seen solely as sex workers.

The project intends to show how formal and non-formal trans educators are contributing to make the school and society a more inclusive place, giving trans individuals qualification to enter in the labor market, and tools to advance the debate on transgender people's rights.

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