• Building Urban Resilience

    Are communities in Lagos and Dar es Salaam benefiting from the new mantra of 'resilience'?

'Resilience' is quickly gaining momentum as a new, developmental buzzword. The UN recently launched an urban resilience programme, and companies such as Siemens and Shell joined in on the song. But the concept is increasingly debated: in societies with a growing inequality, widespread corruption and a lack of co-ownership to development, how will poor communities benefit from the new mantra of resilience?

This project focuses on African megacities, where big groups of citizens settle in vulnerable and flood-prone areas. The crew visits two of the fastest growing cities: Lagos in Nigeria and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania – two contexts that deal with building urban resilience against climate change in radically different ways.

By selecting these two cases, this investigation looks behind the newly hyped phrase of 'resilience', and focuses on some of the dilemmas in different development strategies that aim to build resilience. By selecting both international and national media the project hopes to maximise the public debate about urban resilience in different parts of the world.

Cover photo: ©Tom Saater

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Project information

  • Locations
    Nigeria, DSM - Tanzania, kbh - Denmark
  • Duration
    11 months
  • Release date
    September 2015
  • Budget
    € 22721
  • Round