Beyond the Paradise


Beyond the Paradise is a newsgame that explains the effects of mass tourism in three tropical paradises (Thailand, Zanzibar, Dominican Republic)

  • €19,500 Budget in Euros
  • 2015 Start date
  • 6 Round winner
  • 3 Locations
  • 6 Durations in months

Tourism is a generator of opportunities, able to create business and provide jobs, a booster of development, a stimulus to protect the environment and preserve cultures, and a major channel for intercultural dialogue in developing countries. However, research and experience in tourism management and development have also identified problematic questions of social, cultural, economic and environmental nature, ultimately depleting the very attractiveness and economic potential of such regions.

Beyond the Paradise aims at investigating the effects of mass tourism on the physical, social, and cultural environment of three tropical paradises in the Caribbean, South-East Asia, and Africa (namely, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Zanzibar). The project will also look into alternative, innovative projects of community-based tourism. Beyond the Paradise uses the innovative newsgame platform to bring users in an immersive experience. At the end they would become “smart travellers”, dealing with the specific problems related to mass tourism and experimenting any of the solutions of sustainable tourism.

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