• An Online Crash Course in the Global Goals

    Sharing our learning curve on how the world tries to tackle its biggest problems

De Correspondent has launched an online crash course on the Global Goals. The crash course gives an insight in world politics, taking readers step-by-step through an ever-growing collection of stories on how the world seeks to address its biggest problems.

The crash course starts off with a basic explanatory piece that asks the big questions about the Global Goals. It then takes readers on a step-by-step journey towards more in-depth knowledge on how the Global Goals shape our world.

The core focus of the platform is the creation of a better learning experience, including advanced infographics, online video and interactive design built in an audience friendly way.

Illustration by Tjarko van der Pol

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Project information

  • Locations
  • Duration
    12 months
  • Release date
    October 2016
  • Budget
    € 150000
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