Agritools – Green ICTs in African Lands


Agritools is a journalistic research project that aims to understand the real effects of the use of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) in the field of agriculture, fisheries and livestock in Africa.

  • €17,700 Budget in Euros
  • 2015 Final release date
  • 3 Round winner
  • 17 Locations
  • 8 Durations in months

Thanks to the explosive growth of "ICT4Dev" projects and to the adoption of cheap and user friendly ICTs, Africa has become the biggest fertile land of the world, not only in terms of agriculture, but also in terms of new technologies development. A vast majority of the working class population belongs to the primary sector and the use of mobile phone and smartphone is revolutionising the agribusiness and promoting the development of cultural values and rural policies.

This project visits some cutting edge African countries in the use of ICTs in this sector and maps major innovative projects. Aside from covering these stories, the main objective of this project is to investigate the impact resulting from this digital revolution on lives of local people and on their relationship with the land, food and traditions. More than eight stories are covered from four different African countries, together with two research trips to the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) in Wageningen (Netherland) and to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome (Italy).

The projects that are looked at in each country are Sooretul and Daral Technologies in Senegal, Farmerline and Moringa Connect in Ghana, Ensibuuko and FIT Uganda in Uganda, KRDP and ADS ICT Programme in Kenya. What are the major advantages resulting from the use of these ICTs? Can they be useful tools of promoting employment of youth in the agricultural areas, or would they widen the gap in the long term between a middle-class having access to these services and the poorer class? Are these projects and their business models sustainable?

Beside this investigation, our objective is to map the innovative stories and the factors that lead them to succeed. We want to create a tool of interaction and a network of people who work in the sector, where youth can understand the real value of working in agriculture and learn more through our research videos and stories.

The project makes use of two research tools:

+ An interactive map of Africa, where we broadcast short video documentaries with stories covered from Senegal, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana and a space with the research trip videos from Netherlands and Italy.

+ A crowdsourced storytelling space in collaboration with e-agriculture, where we collect stories from the field by giving voices to the African ICT for agriculture initiatives and inserting them into the map.

This project aims to offer a transparent evaluation of the technology impact on people who work in the primary sector and make the results, usually defined within the universities and private sector, accessible to everyone.

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