• A Tale of Two Villages

    Stories representing two different models of dealing with cooperation issues

The project delves into the comparison of a success story (Chololo village, Tanzania), and a negative experience (Turkana lake, Kenya) in the field of development, each of these stories representing two different models of dealing with cooperation issues.

This story looks into the case of Turkana Lake (Kenya), which can be identified as a perfect example of a misled development policy, amplified by the carelessness and corruption of local authorities. Norway, and later the EU, have tried to turn the nomad shepherds of the region into fishermen, without paying attention to their traditions or lifestyle. It has been a complete failure, even more so considering that Ethiopia is building the "Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam", financed by foreign creditors, which will cause a major environmental, social and economic disaster in the lake. By contrast, facing the same adverse conditions, Tanzania has witnesses the creation of a successful ecovillage in Chololo, thanks to the participation of local authorities, a productive synergy of NGOs and, above all, the involvement of the inhabitants.

Sustainable energy and a considerable improvement of the management of the livestock, water and sanitation have been some of the positive outcomes, increasing the welfare of the villagers. The project compares both stories from the human dimension and the personal experiences of those receiving the aid. The key for success is the empowerment and the ownership of the local population, a bottom-up approach.

The story was published in Rolling Stone, while the making-off was presented on social media. Besides, several exhibitions were organised in Spain (in La Rioja at Casa de la Imagen, Logroño between 26 October – 26 November 2013, in Madrid at Centro Riojano 11 December 2013 – 10 January 2014), directed by the awarded Jesus Rocandio. Another exhibition was presented in Brussels in 2014.

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  • Locations
    Chololo - Tanzania, Kenya
  • Duration
    6 months
  • Release date
    December 2013
  • Budget
    € 25891
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