Yvonne Brandwijk

the Netherlands


Yvonne Brandwijk (1971) is an Amsterdam-based photographer who studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Breda before embarking on a global career that has brought her to the United States, China, Australia, and numerous African countries. She worked in New York City (1998-2003) and continues to travel in search of subject matter and stories either neglected or untold. Her documentary photographic essays include political and human subject matter such as disease, re-immigration and the lives of individuals on the fringes of society. The scope of her work has expanded to include videography and digital production.

Since 2014 started to work together with journalist Stephanie Bakker. Combining their respective backgrounds in photography and journalism, they have pursued new ways of storytelling and managing long-term documentary projects with a social component. In their co-productions, photography and non-fiction narratives reinforce one another with an emphasis on solutions rather than problems. Their work has been featured in de Volkskrant, die Welt, Citiscope, El Pais/Planeta Futuro, Elsevier Juist, Le Monde Afrique and de Morgen.  


Funded projects

Future Cities - the revival of the jazz heritage in Addis Ababa

Future Cities is a transmedia project about five exciting emerging urban areas, the people and stories behind the demographic and economic statistics of urban growth.

Future Cities

Over 70% of the global population will be living in urban areas by 2050. This project explores the next generation of cities: from the upcoming Silicon Valley of Latin America (Medellin) to the next African fashion city (Kinshasa).