Meet the people involved

Meet the people involved - Meet our great journalism community of grantees and their teams

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  • Karsten de Vreugd is an Amsterdam-based actor and comedian. As an actor he made several guest appearances in Dutch television series and films. His new play hits Dutch theatres in September 2015. He is currently focusing on writing his first film script and developing two documentaries. Humour is...
  • As a photographer and videographer I have covered since 2009 the wars in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria or Gaza. Also humanitarian crisis in Central Africa Republic. My work has been published in Life, Newsweek, The New Yorker, Time, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Le Monde, Liberation, Le...
  • Laura Jímenez Varo is a Spanish freelance journalist based in Tunis after moving from Beirut. She has covered the wars in Syria and Iraq, the post-revolution and the current civil war in Libya and the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon for several media outlets in Spain and Latin America. Before moving...
  • Kristof Vadino is a Belgian photojournalist based in Brussels. He works since two years for Belgian and international media end also for NGO's. His work has been published in De Standaard, De Tijd, Le Monde, Elsevier, Humo, MoMagazine, Algemeen Dagblad... He received two journalism grants. For the...
  • Jorge Valero is an EU Correspondent for Spanish national and international media in Brussels, such as Tiempo de Hoy, European Voice, Campaigns and Elections, Rolling Stone, Miami Herald, ARS Magazine, La Rioja and revista Entrelíneas. He has a degree in Journalism and a degree in Political Science.
  • Damon van der Linde is a Toronto-based journalist with more than seven years of experience in print, broadcast and online media. Damon has covered international and domestic issues relating to natural resources for Resource Investing News since 2010, and has been a guest speaker at several...
  • I'm a Dutch freelance journalist, videographer and one of the founders of Butch & Sundance Media, an award winning production company.I work as a freelance reporter in conflict areas and countries with repressive regimes like Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Somalia. My work has been...
  • Lonneke van Genugten is a Dutch journalist and the deputy editor-in-chief of OneWorld. She writes about international cooperation, sustainability, and global citizenship. She loves to capture the thoughts of people who try to reshape the world and translate those into articles that cater to a wide...
  • Inspired by people’s stories, Reinier van Oorsouw's photography aims to tell engaging experiences from around the globe. His clients include Columbus Magazine, Reiz& Magazine, VICE, Radio 538, Radio 3FM and several NGOs. Reinier also works as a producer and has his own company, Beyond Borders...
  • Next to a training in management, Dave van Opdorp (33, the Netherlands) studied Journalism at the Fontys University of Applied Science. During his study he worked as a freelancer at a local newspaper and produced several corporate movies and commercials. He completed a documentary called Two worlds,...
  • Herve Verloes is founder of Newsant, a Brussels-based multi-media agency. He has been a producer, editor, journalist and cameraman for Thomson Reuters, AP, France Televisions, TVE, LCI and Belga press agency. He has also made web documentaries and corporate films and teaches video journalism.
  • Raquel Villaécija is a freelance journalist. She is a part of the X-ray of the Spanish Development Aid team, working on infographics and data analysis. She has worked El Mundo, Al Jazeera and Jotdown among others.
  • Ximena studied journalism in Guatemala and then a master’s degree in data and investigative journalism at El Mundo newspaper in Madrid, Spain. She’s currently working as a data reporter in Guatemala. Her beginning at data journalism was at the independent media outlet, Plaza Pública, where she...
  • Carles Villalonga (Spain, 1983) is a journalist also graduated in Advertising and Public Relations. He's developing his career career as a journalist in since 2010, after having worked in Catalunya Ràdio. In La Vanguardia, he started working in breaking news and currently he's...
  • Antonio Villarreal (Spain, 1981) is a freelance journalist based in Madrid since 2005. He has been covering the science beat for print and online publications ever since. His features, interviews or news stories have been published in outlets such as ABC, El Correo, Público, EFE, El Periódico,...
  • Mirjam Vossen (the Netherlands, 49) travelled to Africa for the first time twenty years ago and she keeps coming back. Mirjam holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master of Science in International Development. She currently is a PhD candidate, working on the framing of global poverty in the...