Stefano Liberti is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. He is a contributor to many magazines—both Italian and international—including Internazionale, Le monde Diplomatique and Al Jazeera English. In 2008, he wrote the book A sud di Lampedusa (South of Lampedusa), which was awarded the Indro Montanelli prize for writing. In 2011, he wrote the book Land grabbing: Journeys into the new colonialism, translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Korean and Chinese.

As a documentary filmmaker, he directed many movies, both for television and for movie theaters. In 2010, he directed L'inferno dei bimbi stregoni (The hell of child-wizards), which received the Anello Debole prize. Two years later, he co-directed Closed sea with Andrea Segre and in 2013, he co-directed Container 158 with Enrico Parenti, presented at the Rome International Film Festival. Thanks to EJC grants, he is now focusing on multimedia productions.

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