Stefano Gurciullo



Stefano is a PhD candidate at University College London. He harnesses network and data science to help making societies safer. He has been building a framework that contributes towards the prevention of financial crises, in collaboration with the Bank of England. Stefano is involved in the field of anti-corruption and organised crime. He developed a method to identify the infiltation of organised crime into the economy, and has worked as an external expert for Transparency International, the Italian Government and the EU Commission. Stefano co-founded, a no-profit data and explanatory journalism platform for Italian citizens, and is a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum.

Funded project

Mafia in Africa: How the Mafia Infiltrates the African Economy

The project investigates, maps, analyses and visualises Italian mafias’ investments and money laundering practices in Africa, and how has this changed precarious African economies and impacted communities.