Sedika Mojadidi



Sedika Mojadidi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and grew up in Florida. She has a Master of Arts in Film Theory from the University of Florida and an Master of Fine Arts in Video Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Sedika is an independent filmmaker and television producer. She directed and produced a feature documentary, Motherland Afghanistan, a film about her father's struggle to make a difference as a doctor in Afghanistan. It aired on the PBS Independent Lens Documentary Series in 2007 and on the Global Voices Series in 2010. Motherland Afghanistan premiered at the American Film Institute Film Festival in Los Angeles and screened both domestically and internationally. The film was selected by the The United Nations Population Fund, (UNFPA) and screened nationally in conjunction with their campaign to raise awareness about the maternal health crisis globally and in Afghanistan.

Funded project

Fighting Maternal Deaths with Faith

This project follows one imam and his wife in Afghanistan as they train and dispense contraception to their community. How do they operate in a society plagued by poverty, cultural restrictions and limited access to healthcare?