Saulos Jali



Saulos Jali (Malawi, 36) never gets tired telling it time and again: "Slums like Ndirande do not make people poor. Slums attract people who are poor. These people come to places like Ndirande because they find opportunities to escape from poverty. This is what makes slums so interesting." At the moment, Saulos works as an organiser for the Ndirande Slum Project. After the project has finished, he will be a tour operator again, the only tour operator in Ndirande. Tourists from all over the world find him on the Internet and Saulos takes them to Ndirande market, a coffin maker, a tin smith, charcoal sellers and a drinking joint.

Funded project

Ndirande Slum – Engines Behind the Development Goals

Slums, as many Westerners think, are a huge obstacle to development. This project challenges this idea, showing that slums can be an engine for poverty eradication.