Riccardo Pravettoni



Riccardo Pravettoni was born in Milan 30-something-years ago. A geographer by education, a cartographer by experience and a photographer by passion, he has been working in Italy, France, Spain and Norway, making maps on a broad range of environmental and geo-political subjects traveling here and there on the planet. As lead cartographer and communication expert for a Norwegian Center collaborating with United Nations Environmental Programme, he has collaborated with many civil society organisations and international institutions, especially in Central Africa, South-East Asia and the Himalayan region.

The aspect he likes the most about maps is the fact that you can tell stories with it, using colors and shapes, points lines and surfaces as your own grammar to fascinate the reader around the story as in an adventure book. Where cartography and storytelling meet with good design, the map becomes a very powerful communication tool.

Funded projects


Food4 aims to produce seven stories, a geographic atlas in Italian and English and 2 exhibitions to explore the topic of Food Security and related development projects, in the year of the EXPO2015.


Reserved! explores the interactions between nature conservation and indigenous peoples, shedding a new light on the impacts conservation projects have on local communities.

Watergrabbing - A Story of Water

Watergrabbing explores the lack of water sovereignty and the limitation of access to water. It shows the consequences of these issues and the positive and negative practices.