Raúl Diaz Poblete



Raúl Diaz Poblete (Spain, 1983) holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineer and a Master in Digital Arts, by the Pompeu Fabra University. His career started in Barcelona, where he worked for different design studies such as Pulpolab, THD/Coated and Welovecode. He has worked as freelance web developer for major clients until he joined Civio, where he leads front-end development and responsive design.

Funded projects


This project analyses and compares the prices of drugs used in the treatment of diseases across developing countries. What impact do patents have on prices, and have survival rates improved?

Medicamentalia II - Vaccines

Medicamentalia II focuses on the analysis of development, marketing and delivery of vaccines to explain differences in access to health.

Medicamentalia III - Contraceptives

In-depth investigation to show the differences in access to contraception between countries and how this gap affects women in their everyday lives.