Peter Alestig Blomqvist



I am a reporter and moderator specialising in sustainability issues such as corruption, energy, human rights, labour rights, climate change and environment.

I am currently employed at the national daily Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, where I have had several different roles the past five years – among them, Africa correspondent, Editor of the Business section, Editor of Sustainability and Business reporter. During the fall of 2015 I was also part of our climate project, including hosting the podcast SvD 2 grader.

I have also frequently worked as a freelance reporter, with publications in Sveriges Radio (the Public Swedish Radio) and the weekly magazine Fokus, amongst others. 

Funded project

The #130MillionGirls Challenge

This project aims to portray this problem and solutions from different parts of the world, through in-depth journalism, an interactive online platform and a social media campaign.​