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Name Job title Projects Country
Cartographer and information designer, photo-reporter 3 Italy
Photographer and Journalist 1 Italy
Data Journalist 1 South Africa
Nyani Quarmyne Picture
Nyani Quarmyne
The Daily Telegraph
Photographer 1 Germany
Rica Ramos Picture
Rica Ramos
Global Voices
illustrator 1 Brazil
Monika Rebala Picture
Monika Rebala
Gazeta Wyborcza
Reporter 1 Poland
Freelance International Journalist 1
Giulia Rocco Picture
Giulia Rocco
Wired Italy
Multimedia producer 1 Italy
Alberto Rojas Picture
Alberto Rojas
Al Jazeera English
Researcher 1 Spain
Fulvio Romanin Picture
Fulvio Romanin
CEO 1 Italy
Aaron Ross Picture
Aaron Ross
The Economist
Journalist 1 Democratic Republic of Congo
Sylvia Rowley Picture
Sylvia Rowley
Al Jazeera English
Journalist, filmmaker 1 United Kingdom
Giulio Rubino Picture
Giulio Rubino
Il Fatto Quotidiano
Journalist 1 Italy
Journalist 1 Argentina
Iván Ruiz Picture
Iván Ruiz
El Confidencial
Journalist 2 Argentina
Multimedia journalist 1 Serbia
Juan Luis Sanchez Picture
Juan Luis Sanchez
Journalist 1 Spain
Gabriela Sánchez Picture
Gabriela Sánchez
Journalist 1 Spain
Data journalist 1 Spain
Journalist 1 El Salvador
Javier Sauras Picture
Javier Sauras
Der Tagesspiegel
Journalist, photographer 3 Spain
Victoria Schneider Picture
Victoria Schneider
Greenpeace Magazine
Journalist 1 Germany
Jürgen Schrader Picture
Jürgen Schrader
Der Spiegel
Photographer 1 Germany
Eva Schram Picture
Eva Schram
Investigative reporter 1 the Netherlands
Journalist, Photographer, Videographer & Editor 1 USA
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