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Name Job title Projects Country
Pierre Morel Picture
Pierre Morel
Journalist 0 France
Journalist 1 the Netherlands
Journalist and women's rights campaigner 1 Uganda
Paul Myles Picture
Paul Myles
On Our Radar
Multimedia journalist and investigative reporter 4 United Kingdom
Emir Nader Picture
Emir Nader
The Daily Telegraph
Journalist 1 United Kingdom
Journalist, Associate Producer 1
Adriane Ohanesian Picture
Adriane Ohanesian
National Geographic
Photojournalist 1 Kenya
Researcher/ PhD student 1 Spain
Álvaro Ortiz Picture
Álvaro Ortiz
El Confidencial
Product developer 1 Spain
Hanna Österberg Picture
Hanna Österberg
Svenska Dagbladet
Journalist 1 Sweden
Freelance Journalist 1 Spain
Jacopo Ottaviani Picture
Jacopo Ottaviani
Data journalist 5 Italy
Independent photographer 1 Kenya
Journalist 1 Spain
Reporter / Journalist 1 Ivory Coast
Marcella Pasotti Picture
Marcella Pasotti
Le Soleil
Communication specialist 1 Senegal
Jacopo Pasotti Picture
Jacopo Pasotti
El País Planeta Futuro
Freelance journalist 3 Switzerland
Genciano Pedriel Picture
Genciano Pedriel
Huffington Post
Sound technician 1 Bolivia
Monica Pelliccia Picture
Monica Pelliccia
El Periódico de Cat.
Journalist 2 Italy
Journalist 1 Spain
Ernest Phiri Picture
Ernest Phiri
Producer 1 Malawi
Toni Pires Picture
Toni Pires
Global Voices
Visual storytelling and director of photography 1 Brazil
Mario Poeta Picture
Mario Poeta
Videomaker and photographer 3 Italy
Edu Ponces Picture
Edu Ponces
El Periódico de Cat.
Photographer 1 Spain
Graphic designer 1 Spain
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