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Name Job title Projects Country
Davide Mancino Picture
Davide Mancino
Il Fatto Quotidiano
Editor, trainer 1 Italy
Javier Marín Picture
Javier Marín
Televisión Española
Journalist 1 Kenya
Data journalist 1 Spain
José Martínez Picture
José Martínez
El Confidencial
Front-end developer 1 Spain
Xavier Mas de Xaxàs Picture
Xavier Mas de Xaxàs
La Vanguardia
Journalist 1 Spain
Joshua Massarenti Picture
Joshua Massarenti
Journalist 1 Italy
Journalist, Producer 1 United Kingdom
Journalist, game designer 1 France
Alice McCool Picture
Alice McCool
CNN Global
Freelance journalist 2 United Kingdom
Tim McDonnell Picture
Tim McDonnell
The Economist
Journalist 1 USA
Pablo Medina Picture
Pablo Medina
El Confidencial
Web developer 1 Spain
Adeyemi Michael Picture
Adeyemi Michael
Channel 4
Filmmaker 1 United Kingdom
Serge Michel Picture
Serge Michel
Le Monde
Journalist 1 France
Florence Miettaux Picture
Florence Miettaux
Le Monde Afrique
Freelance filmmaker and journalist 1 South Sudan
Jose Miguel Calatayud Picture
Jose Miguel Calatayud
El País Planeta Futuro
Journalist 1 Spain
Nicky Milne Picture
Nicky Milne
Thomson Reuters
1 United kingdom
Journalist, Researcher. 1 Germany
Veronique Mistiaen Picture
Veronique Mistiaen
The Daily Telegraph
Journalist, lecturer and media trainer in conflict areas 1 United Kingdom
Sedika Mojadidi Picture
Sedika Mojadidi
The Guardian
Documentary Filmmaker, Producer 1 USA
Eduardo S. Molano Picture
Eduardo S. Molano
Diario ABC
Journalist 1 Kenya
writer/media project developer 1 the Netherlands
Marco Montanari Picture
Marco Montanari
Wired Italy
Developer 1 Italy
Journalist & Filmmaker 2 World
Journalist 2 France
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