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Name Job title Projects Country
Journalist 1 Tunisia
Sven Johannesen Picture
Sven Johannesen
(Video) journalist 3 Denmark
Ludovica Jona Picture
Ludovica Jona
La Stampa
Journalist 1 Italy
1 Turkey
Winnie Kamau Picture
Winnie Kamau
Talk Africa
Data journalist 1 Kenya
Marta Kasztelan Picture
Marta Kasztelan
The Guardian
Investigative journalist and filmmaker 1 Cambodia and Poland
Nicolas Kayser-Bril Picture
Nicolas Kayser-Bril
Developer, journalist 3 France
Ashley Kirk Picture
Ashley Kirk
The Daily Telegraph
Data journalist 1 United Kingdom
Splinter Knight Picture
Splinter Knight
Digital editor 1 Czech Republic
Freelance Photographer 1 Nigeria
Jane Labous Picture
Jane Labous
Journalist, Writer, Broadcaster, Documentary Maker 1 United Kingdom
Silvia Lami Picture
Silvia Lami
Jeune Afrique
1 Senegal
Jeremy Laurance Picture
Jeremy Laurance
The Independent
Journalist 1 United Kingdom
Lisa Lazzarato Picture
Lisa Lazzarato
Wired Italy
Producer 1 Italy
Ute Lederer Picture
Ute Lederer
GEO magazine
Illustrator 0 Germany
Documentary Filmmaker 1 United Kingdom
Stefano Liberti Picture
Stefano Liberti
Al Jazeera English
Journalist, filmmaker 2 Italy
Loes Lijnders Picture
Loes Lijnders
Researcher 1 South Sudan
Felix Lill Picture
Felix Lill
Der Tagesspiegel
Journalist 3 Japan
Sam Loewenberg Picture
Sam Loewenberg
The Lancet
Journalist 1 USA
Andrea Lucio Picture
Andrea Lucio
La Repubblica
Comic book artist and illustrator 1 Spain
Victor M. Olazábal Picture
Victor M. Olazábal
Der Spiegel
Journalist 1 Spain
Abibata Mahama Picture
Abibata Mahama
The Daily Telegraph
Documentary maker 1 Ghana
Davide Mancino Picture
Davide Mancino
Il Fatto Quotidiano
Editor, trainer 1 Italy
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