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Name Job title Projects Country
Sibylle Grunze Picture
Sibylle Grunze
Creative Producer and Director of Photography 2 Germany
Sune Gudmundsson Picture
Sune Gudmundsson
Journalist 3 Denmark
Keila Guimaraes Picture
Keila Guimaraes
El Mundo
Freelance journalist 1 Brazil
Paula Guisado Picture
Paula Guisado
La Nación
Data journalist 1 Spain
Stefano Gurciullo Picture
Stefano Gurciullo
Il Fatto Quotidiano
Researcher 1 Italy
David Gutiérrez Picture
David Gutiérrez
El Confidencial
Art director 1 Spain
Flavie Halais Picture
Flavie Halais
Financial Times
Freelance journalist 1 Canada
Journalist (Video journalist and illustrator) 1 USA
Sadika Hamid Picture
Sadika Hamid
Digital Project Manager 1 Indonesia
Photojournalist 1 Afghanistan
Journalist 1 the Netherlands
Journalist 2 United Kingdom
Journalist 1 Bolivia
Carlos Hernández Picture
Carlos Hernández
El Confidencial
Developer 1 Spain
Carlos Hernanz Picture
Carlos Hernanz
El Confidencial
Assistant of editor-in-chief, journalist 1 Spain
Maja Hitij Picture
Maja Hitij
The Guardian
Freelance photojournalist 1 Germany
Filmmaker, Science Journalist 2 Germany
Water and Land researcher 1 Italy
Gianluca Iazzolino Picture
Gianluca Iazzolino
El País Planeta Futuro
2 United Kingdom
1 Niger
​Mikaïla Issa Picture
​Mikaïla Issa
Le Quotidien
Journalist 1 Benin
Laurence Ivil Picture
Laurence Ivil
New Internationalist
Journalist | Editorial Coordinator 1 United Kingdom
Gabriela Jacomella Picture
Gabriela Jacomella
Journalist, documentary maker 1 South Sudan
Saulos Jali Picture
Saulos Jali
Der Standard
Project assistant, tour operator 1 Malawi
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