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Name Job title Projects Country
Louise Donovan Picture
Louise Donovan
Journalist 1 United Kingdom
Freelance journalist 1 Spain
Marc Ellison Picture
Marc Ellison
BBC World Service
Photographer, data journalist 2 United Kingdom
Jesús Escudero Picture
Jesús Escudero
El Confidencial
Data journalist 2 Spain
Journalist 1 Spain
Ruth Evans Picture
Ruth Evans
The Guardian
Radio producer, journalist 1 United Kingdom
Social media specialist 1 Italy
Andrea Fama Picture
Andrea Fama
Corriere della Sera
Journalist 1 Italy
Jill Filipovic Picture
Jill Filipovic
Paris Match
Daniela Frechero Picture
Daniela Frechero
El Periódico de Cat.
Photojournalist 2 Spain
Desirée García Picture
Desirée García
Televisión Española
Journalist 1 Kenya
Marcos García Rey Picture
Marcos García Rey
El Confidencial
Journalist, researcher 2 Spain
Photographer 1 Spain
Senior Research Fellow, Governance - Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (IPAR) - Rwanda 0 Rwanda
Journalist, Freelancer 1 France
Data journalist 3 Spain
Simona Ghizzoni Picture
Simona Ghizzoni
Huffington Post
Photographer, video maker 1 Italy
Natasha Gilbert Picture
Natasha Gilbert
The Guardian
Journalist 1 USA
Journalist, Film-maker 2 Germany
Jerónimo Giorgi Picture
Jerónimo Giorgi
La Repubblica
Journalist 2 Germany
Daniele Grasso Picture
Daniele Grasso
El Mundo
Data journalist 2 Italy
John Grobler Picture
John Grobler
Investigative journalist 1 Namibia
Julia Gross Picture
Julia Gross
Science Journalist 1 Germany
Sibylle Grunze Picture
Sibylle Grunze
Creative Producer and Director of Photography 2 Germany
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