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Name Job title Projects Country
Film maker 0 Pakistan
Isacco Chiaf Picture
Isacco Chiaf
Corriere della Sera
Graphic designer 8 Italy
Editor 0 Malawi
Tomaso Clavarino Picture
Tomaso Clavarino
Al Jazeera English
Journalist and Photographer 2 Italy
Caterina Clerici Picture
Caterina Clerici
La Stampa
Independent multimedia journalist 3 USA
Pau Coll Picture
Pau Coll
El Periódico de Cat.
Photographer 1 Spain
Jennifer Collins Picture
Jennifer Collins
Die Welt
Journalist 1 Germany
Giada Connestari Picture
Giada Connestari
La Stampa
Photographer 1 Italy
Eva Constantaras Picture
Eva Constantaras
El Mundo
Data journalist 1 Turkey
Francesca Conti Picture
Francesca Conti
Rai Radio3scienza
Journalist 1 Italy
Videomaker 2 France
Benoît Cros Picture
Benoît Cros
Journalist 3 Spain
Alessandro D'Alfonso Picture
Alessandro D'Alfonso
Corriere della Sera
Designer 4 Italy
Eloisa D'Orsi Picture
Eloisa D'Orsi
El País Planeta Futuro
Photographer 1 Spain
Valeria de Berardinis Picture
Valeria de Berardinis
Corriere della Sera
production assistant 2 italy
Freelance journalist 1 Mali
Vanessa de Sá Picture
Vanessa de Sá
Global Voices
1 Brazil
Karsten de Vreugd Picture
Karsten de Vreugd
de Volkskrant
Actor, comedian 1 the Netherlands
Elena del Estal Picture
Elena del Estal
Der Spiegel
Freelance photographer and journalist 1 Spain
Ines Della Valle Picture
Ines Della Valle
Photo and Video Journalist. 1 Egypt
Djiby Dem Picture
Djiby Dem
Journalist 0 Senegal
Elisabetta Demartis Picture
Elisabetta Demartis
Wired Italy
Journalist, Researcher 2 Italy
3 Spain
Salome Disi Picture
Salome Disi
Luxemburger Wort
Student, journalist 1 Malawi
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