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Name Job title Projects Country
Marco Bello Picture
Marco Bello
The Guardian
Journalist, photographer 1 Italy
Eva Belmonte Picture
Eva Belmonte
20 Minutos
Journalist, managing editor 3 Spain
Michele Bertelli Picture
Michele Bertelli
Journalist, videomaker 3 Italy
Photographer 1 Germany
Journalist 1 the Netherlands
Lorenzo Bodrero Picture
Lorenzo Bodrero
Data journalist, investigative journalist 1 Italy
Hidde Boersma Picture
Hidde Boersma
de Volkskrant
Science journalist 1 the Netherlands
Cynthia Boll Picture
Cynthia Boll
National Geographic
Photographer 1 the Netherlands
Emanuele Bompan Picture
Emanuele Bompan
La Stampa
Journalist 4 Italy
Patrick Bonde Picture
Patrick Bonde
Der Standard
Cameraman 0 Malawi
Marco Boscolo Picture
Marco Boscolo
Rai Radio3scienza
Journalist 3 Italy
Sandro Bozzolo Picture
Sandro Bozzolo
Wired Italy
Filmmaker 1 Italy
Yvonne Brandwijk Picture
Yvonne Brandwijk
de Volkskrant
Photographer 2 the Netherlands
Emma Bryce Picture
Emma Bryce
The Guardian
Journalist 1 United Kingdom
David Cabo Picture
David Cabo
20 Minutos
Data journalist 3 Spain
Mar Cabra Picture
Mar Cabra
El Confidencial
Investigative journalist 1 Spain
Journalist 1 Bolivia
Producer 1 United Kingdom
Journalist, Producer, Reporter 1 Italy
Michele Catanzaro Picture
Michele Catanzaro
Journalist 1 Spain
Gianluca Cecere Picture
Gianluca Cecere
Photographer 2 Italy
Dominique Chadwick Picture
Dominique Chadwick
The Daily Telegraph
Researcher, filmmaker and media trainer 1 United Kingdom
Photojournalist 1 United Kingdom
Nicolas Chatara-Morse Picture
Nicolas Chatara-Morse
CEO 1 Czech Republic
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