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Name Job title Projects Country
Raquel Villaécija Picture
Raquel Villaécija
El Confidencial
Photographer 2 Spain
Data journalist 1 Guatemala
Journalist 1 Spain
Antonio Villarreal Picture
Antonio Villarreal
20 Minutos
Journalist 2 Spain
Eleonora Vio Picture
Eleonora Vio
Journalist 1 Italia
Journalist, researcher 1 the Netherlands
Journalist 1 Austria
1 Netherlands
Kim Wall Picture
Kim Wall
Süddeutsche Zeitung
Journalist 1 USA
Lasse Wamsler Picture
Lasse Wamsler
Al Jazeera English
(Video) journalist 3 Denmark
Journalist 1 United Kingdom
Journalist and reporter 1 France
Raphael Zanotti Picture
Raphael Zanotti
La Stampa
Data journalist 1 Italy
Journalist 1 Italy
freelance documentary photographer 1 Italy
Videographer 1 United Kingdom
Emanuela Zuccalà Picture
Emanuela Zuccalà
Journalist 2 Italy
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