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Name Job title Projects Country
Valeria Scrilatti Picture
Valeria Scrilatti
New Internationalist
Photographer 2 Italy
Investigative journalist 1 South Africa
Craig Shaw Picture
Craig Shaw
Journalist 1 United Kingdom
Journalist 1 Austria
Journalist 1 India
Majo Siscar Picture
Majo Siscar
Journalist 1 Mexico
Journalist 1 USA
Nichole Sobecki Picture
Nichole Sobecki
Paris Match
Photographer 1 Kenya
Laurence Soustras Picture
Laurence Soustras
Les Echos
Journalist 2 France
Kevin Taylor Picture
Kevin Taylor
La Stampa
Journalist 1 Ghana
Financial controller 1 Malawi
Editor, sound engineer 1 Malawi
Photographer and multimedia journalist 1 Turkey
Elisabetta Tola Picture
Elisabetta Tola
Rai Radio3scienza
Data journalist, science communicator 2 Italy
Javier Triana Picture
Javier Triana
El Periódico de Cat.
Journalist 1 Spain
Paolo Turla Picture
Paolo Turla
IO Donna
Editor 1 Italy
Kristof Vadino Picture
Kristof Vadino
De Tijd
Photographer 1 Belgium
Jorge Valero Picture
Jorge Valero
Rolling Stone Spain
Journalist 1 Belgium
Damon van der Linde Picture
Damon van der Linde
Deutsche Welle
Journalist 1 Canada
Journalist 1 the Netherlands
Journalist 1 the Netherlands
Photographer 1 the Netherlands
Audiovisual journalist 1 the Netherlands
Hervé Verloes Picture
Hervé Verloes
Producer, journalist 1 Belgium
Astrid Viciano Picture
Astrid Viciano
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