Miguel Ángel Gavilanes



Miguel Ángel Gavilanes (Spain, 1988) joined Fundación Civio in February 2015. Specialized in data and investigative journalism, he has worked in Medicamentalia collecting facts and figures from European and South American countries and reporting from South Africa. He has investigated the core final public price of medicines and vaccines in the countries analysed and has also supported Medicamentalia final work by making multimedia tasks, such as photography and video editing. He was awarded Best Young Journalist of the Year 2016 by the Madrid Press Association.

Funded projects


This project analyses and compares the prices of drugs used in the treatment of diseases across developing countries. What impact do patents have on prices, and have survival rates improved?

Medicamentalia II - Vaccines

Medicamentalia II focuses on the analysis of development, marketing and delivery of vaccines to explain differences in access to health.

Medicamentalia III - Contraceptives

In-depth investigation to show the differences in access to contraception between countries and how this gap affects women in their everyday lives.