Marta Kasztelan

Cambodia and Poland


Marta is an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker covering Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. She has been based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, since 2012 but her work often takes her to neighbouring countries and to Poland, where she was born and lived until 2001.

Her work has been published in The Guardian, where she is a contributor, Al Jazeera, Newsweek, Vice, Southeast Asia Globe, Voice of America and South China Morning Post, among many others.

Marta’s investigations took her into the heart of one of Poland’s most notorious far right groups; saw her hang out with employees of a multinational company linked to a banned sect promoting polygamy in Malaysia, where she also exposed the practice of female genital mutilation; led her to highlight the plight of Nigerian football players trafficked to Cambodia.

Funded project

Dangerous Abortions

Why do a large number of women in Nepal and Cambodia undergo banned procedures to end their pregnancies, when abortion is legal in both countries?