Mariangela Maturi

United Kingdom


Mariangela Maturi (Italy, 1981) is a freelance journalist and author based in the UK. A radio lover, she is a regular contributor from London for the Swiss national radio (RSI) and other international media outlets. 

She started working in 2006 in the newsrooms of Radio Popolare and il manifesto in Italy, becoming a freelancer in 2010, before moving to Ecuador. Her interests include human rights, gender equality, environment, political and social affairs. 

Her first book Silenzio di Piombo (Silence of Lead, Round Robin, 2016) investigates the correlation between military bases and environmental and health concerns in Sardinia, Italy.

Funded project

A Girls' Game

“It's a boys' game.” But what happens when a girl feels passionate about football? Three unique stories illustrate the challenges women footballers face.