Joan Bardeletti



From reportage to documentary, Joan Bardeletti's work gives particular attention to the coherence of the photographic form and the underlying journalistic purpose. He gives priority to long duration and thorough works linked but distanced from media events.

He started photography in 2004—at the age of 27–after having studied Engineering Sciences. He received a World Press Photo in 2010 (2nd prize in the ‘daily life’ category) and a Getty Grant in 2011 at the Visa pour l'Image festival. His work is part of the collection of the BNF Museum in Paris. Since 2012, he has been producing videos and short films.

He has regular publications and assignments for French and European press such as Le Monde Magazine, Marie Claire, Geo Magazine, Liberation, L'Espresso, Internazionale, Die Zeit and others. He also collaborates on long term cultural assignments for Institutions such as EDF, Alstom, Valeo and CFAO.

He has particular skills to design long term projects on major issues, teaming with researchers and producing contents for cross diffusion (press, edition, multimedia, TV). His project African Middle Classes (2008-2012) is the biggest visual study worldwide on this population of 300 million. In 2014, he launched a new project on African Small and Medium Enterprises and their impact on development (photo and video).

Funded projects

Housing Stories

The project “Housing Stories” makes inequalities real and visible by telling the fight of families on three continents to live in a decent and affordable flat.

Small is Powerful

Small is Powerful (Les Grands Moyens in French) reveals the underrated impact of local Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on Africa's development, showing that Africa is not only about microcredit and multinationals