Jesús Escudero



Jesús Escudero is a member of the first data journalism unit ever created in a Spanish media organisation, in El Confidencial. He leaded a six-month data-driven and cross-border enquiry about The Water Fund, the biggest cooperation program in Spain. He also took part a five-month investigation about the Spanish Development Aid, which detailed the 22,000 million euros disbursed as Official Development Assistance (ODA) by Spain between 2007 and 2012. It was judged as one of the ten best innovative projects by the Premios Gabriel García Márquez 2014. As an Ambassador, he has also conducted several workshops about data journalism and visualisation. Previously, he worked in the infographics department of El Mundo and as a journalist in El Comercio, a local newspaper.

Funded projects

X-ray of Spanish Development Aid

Spain has moved from being the sixth global donor of development aid in 2009 to being the fourteenth in just four years. This story investigates these drastic reductions and reveals the consequences for developing countries.

The Water Fund: Spain Supplies Latin America

The six-month data-driven and cross-border enquiry "The Water Fund: Spain Supplies Latin America" analyses the biggest cooperation programme in Spain, which was created in 2007 to improve water supply in 19 Latin American countries.